Salvage is one of the important activities at The Gator Center. We feel we are doing our part impacting the environment in a responsible positive way by recycling. We also make it a point to recycle every component from the equipment and manage the disposed of fluids properly to avoid any contamination of our soils and water supplies. Moreover, take pride in our recycling efforts as to what we will leave for the next generations to come.

Unfortunate accidents happen and at times it’s impossible to repair equipment profitably. Gator Center over the last two decades has continuously added to our ever-growing pre-owned parts inventory. So the pre-owned parts come from machines that have been wrecked beyond the profitability to repair, outdated, and equipment upgrades. 

Further, our team completely disassembles the machinery, wasted parts are sent out for recycling, oils are properly recycled, and parts are inventoried for significant cost savings to our customers. 

We thoroughly inspect and clean all pre-owned parts, and they are ready for immediate purchase. There are significant cost savings on many of the components that are not damaged or worn. 

Types of Equipment we Purchase

  • Ag Sprayers (self-propelled) 
  • Ag Spreaders (self-propelled) 
  • Tillage Equipment
  • Seeding Equipment
  • Tractors 
  • Harvesters

The Salvage Bidding Process

For a salvage bid on wrecked, damaged, or worn-out equipment contact us. Submit the following information to us so we could process a bid and provide a price. 

  • Year of the machine
  • Type of agricultural equipment
  • Manufacturer 
  • A brief description of the equipment
  • Location of equipment

Insurance claims

For equipment with insurance claims, we will travel to the location of the equipment, review and submit a bid. We also provide a comprehensive damage assessment of wrecked equipment for the company handling the claim. For more information on this service contact us. 

Particularly that we primarily purchase Agco, Case and John Deere equipment. For all other manufacturers contact us

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with your salvage today!

For all your salvage bid needs, contact us today!

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
Robert Swan

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