Bulk Seed Tenders

Bulk Seed Tenders

Bulk Seed Tenders by SpeedKing

Bulk delivery system seed tenders are available with the optional telescoping conveyor on both the 240 and 160-bushel capacity models. Telescoping conveyors can be adjusted between 14′ and 22′ and pivots 180° to reach hoppers and boxes on drills and planters. Tenders come with two compartments. The conveyors are an 8″ belt inside a 6″ tube for the most preferred method for bulk seed handling. 100% cleanout for no cross-contamination. Equipped with crescent belts and rubber lined spouts to allow the safest transfer of your seed investment. The largest seed tender in CrustBuster / Speed King’s fleet is the model 330/411. It has 330 bushels and 411 cu. ft. capacity. It has CrustBuster’s exclusive Honeycomb belt conveyor that can gently move seed at up to 30 bushels per minute at a 34° angle.

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