Speed King Seed Handling - Семенные Перегрузчики Speedking

Speed King Seed Handling

The Most Preferred Bulk Seed Delivery System with Speed King Seed Handling Tenders

Gently move your seed with a Speed King Seed handling Tenders.

Seed transported by a belt system has less breakage or cracking damage caused by pneumatic or auger systems.

  • The tube conveyor provided with the Seed Box Tote offers a belt system for 100% cleanout of seed varieties with no cross-contamination, unlike an auger system.
  • 180° of horizontal travel with 12′ 3-piece telescoping downspout for easy filling of seeding equipment.
  • Long tube delivery for one-stop filling of units up to 40′ in width.
  • Easy to transport with the tube pivoted to either the front or back—the 2-box tote is only 65″ wide.
  • Features a spring-loaded seal for on-demand seed delivery without worrying about closing any gates on the center flow container.
  • It can also start/stop under load.
  • 1 hp 12-volt DC motor or 5.5 hp Honda™ gas motor with electric start and wireless control (Optional).
  • Liquid inoculators are available (Optional).
  • Central Fill Kit (Optional).
  • Digital scales (Optional).

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