4-Box Seed Totes

4-Box Seed Totes

Seed Box Totes with 4 Boxes

4-Box Seed Totes use Speed King belt systems that are gentle with seed.

  • 12-Volt power swing discharge conveyor.
  • 12-Volt power rotation box turret.
  • Chassis is an integral part of the system for added strength.
  • 12′ 3-Section telescoping downspout.
  • Power discharge, as well as conveyor swing controls, are located on the handle.
  • Boxes can be loaded from either side.
  • Spring-loaded seal to prevent leakage.
  • The turret is indexed for perfect box alignment.
  • 100% Cleanout, no cross-contamination.
  • Will discharge from up to 900 lbs. per minute.
  • Gentle handling for minimum damage to the seed.
  • Heavy-duty construction for years of trouble-free performance.
  • Optional liquid inoculator is available.
  • Easy transport from dealers to the field.
  • Optional gas or 12-volt electric drive.

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