For use with tractors in the 225 – 300hp range


  • The ROME towed pivot dump, roll-out scrapers are the perfect solution to a wide range of material moving challenges and are ideally suited for moving bulk material at low cost and fast turnaround.
  • Three bowl sizes with two tire arrangements are available to allow these machines to work in both high compaction and extremely soft soil environments.
  • Designed for use in agriculture; general, road, and levee construction; site preparation; pond building; cutting and maintaining irrigation ditches; and land leveling.
  • Ruggedly built with heavy duty plate frame construction electrically welded for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Designed to allow maximum dump clearance in order to assure maximum control of the discharged material.
  • One piece bowl reduces load compaction and greatly increases efficiency.
  • Bolt on frost bit/stinger standard.
  • All-wheel hubs are fully independent.
  • Tandem hitch capability with a hydraulic supply kit and auxiliary kit standard.
  • Bulkhead fittings protect hydraulic hookups.



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