Scraper RP-CFB Series

Scraper RP-CFB Series

Pivot Dump Fixed Blade Scraper – RP-CFB Series

Scraper RP-CFB Series is good for use with tractors in the 200 – 360hp range.


  • Designed for precision land forming and maintenance of field irrigation and drainage efficiency.
  • The fixed blade feature is specifically for achieving a smooth, precision laser finish.
  • Direct loading lets the loading pressure push the soil into the bucket.
  • Units can be used in single or tandem configurations.
  • Laser and GPS adaptable.
  • Three pieces, reversible (double edge), heat-treated alloy steel blade ensures durability and long service life.
  • A large throat opening allows for problem-free material ejection.
  • Low tongue-weight ratio reduces drawbar weight and lessens the weight on the tractors rear axle for improved service life.




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