Scraper RP-18E14.5 Series

Scraper RP-18E14.5 Series

Ejector Scraper – RP-18E14.5 Series

Scraper RP-18E14.5 Series is good for use with tractors in the 360 – 600hp range.


  • Designed for use in agriculture, road, and levee construction; besides, site preparation, pond building, cutting and maintaining irrigation ditches; and also land leveling.
  • Scraper features a moving ejector to push materials over a fixed blade.
  • Low tongue-weight ratio reduces drawbar weight and also lessens the weight on the tractors rear axle for improved service life.
  • Industry largest 3” (76mm) pins with replaceable bushings used throughout the implement provide improved durability in the roughest conditions.
  • Laser or GPS adaptable.
  • Optisurface compatible.
  • Available with a straight fixed blade for agricultural uses or with a staggered frostbit blade for construction type applications.
  • Heavy-duty router bits with two mounting positions. Once the bits wear just lower to the second mounting position to give the bits double the life expectancy.

Scraper RP-18E14.5 Series




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