Disc Harrow TRW Series / Arado de Discos Serie TRW / Дисковая Борона Серия TRW

Disc Harrow TRW Series

Wheel Offset Disc Harrow – TRW Series

Disc Harrow TRW Series is good for use with tractors in the 214 – 286hp range.


  • TRW-S has special reinforcement for woods site preparation and other severe applications.
  • Includes strengthened gang carriers, drawbar, offset bar, stabilizer, latch, bearing standards and bearing brackets.
  • High gang carrier design to prevent trash build-up and clogging.
  • Adjustable disk blade scrapers.
  • Equipped with Timken dual tapered roller bearings.
  • Up to 810lbs (367kg) of weight per disk blade depending on the model with an average of 722lbs (328kg).
  • Up to 11” (279mm) maximum depth of penetration with standard 32” (813mm) diameter disk blades.


14” (356mm) disk spacing; 2-1/2” (64mm) round axles; Equipped with Timken dual tapered roller bearings.




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