Disc Harrow BHEP Series / Arado de Discos Serie BHEP / Дисковая Борона Серия BHEP

Disc Harrow BHEP Series

Hinge Wheel Combination Harrow – BHEP Series

Disc Harrow BHEP Series is good for use with tractors in the 254 – 351hp range.


  • Completely new, patented hinge wheel offset harrow line concept. Built rugged and designed for long, trouble-free operation.
  • Combines the superior uniform leveling and mixing capability of hinge harrows with the transportability of wheel harrows.
  • End pull transport capability allows the operator to go from plowing in the field to road transportation; in a few minutes with minimum effort.
  • The full range of adjustments allows the precise control of penetration depth hydraulically.
  • “On the go” angle adjustments from 0° to 45° are hydraulical; and you can control them from the operator’s seat.
  • New gang assembly design positions the bearing and spacer assemblies behind the gang carriers; it helps to provide additional clearance to minimize clogging.
  • Reinforced scrapers clean disk blades more efficiently.
  • Also available with Timken oil bath tapered roller bearings.

Specifications for Disc Harrow BHEP Series

11” (279mm) disk spacing; 1-5/8” (41mm) round axles; Equipped with Timken dual tapered roller bearings.

Standard Equipment

  • 28” (711mm) diameter x 5/16” (8mm) thick; cutout (notched) deep concavity disk blades.
  • Adjustable disk blade scrapers.
  • The end-pull transport assembly includes 11L x 15 highway service tires; and the hydraulic angle control group.
  • Heavy-duty bearing wear plates.
  • Drawbar jack stand and safety chain.
  • Furrow filler blade.
  • Hydraulic quick coupler.

Optional Equipment

  • Extra heavy-duty bearing wear plates.
  • Light group.
  • 28” (711mm) diameter x 5/16” (8mm) thick; dura- faced cutout (notched) deep concavity disk blades.
  • Forrow filler





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