Tri-Force and Quad-Force

Tri-Force and Quad-Force

Tri-Force and Quad-Force Spreaders by Force Unlimited

Tri-Force and Quad-Force allow you to spread from one to three and four products at the same time. The Tri-Force is a 50 cubic foot micronutrient bin, capable of spreading three (3) products in one pass at one time. The Tri-Force bin can be converted into what is known as the Quad-Force. The Quad-Force bin gives the capability of spreading 1, 2, 3, or 4 products with independent variable rate control, in one pass. It can work on a self-propelled chassis, a pull-type, a Pro-Force spreader.


It is capable of spreading cover crops, lime, compost, litter, and gypsum faster, wider. It’s more consistently even on windy days. Proven spinner technology with the most versatile spreaders for implementing the 4-R’s technology. It can do a single pass with the independent variable-rate application of up to four (4) products. It helps to reduce field compaction, labor hours, and fuel costs with fewer trips through the field.

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