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Dura Products

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Dura Products, Inc is a state-of-the-art Indiana based manufacturer of metering, pumping and dispensing systems. It was founded by owners with decades of knowledge in farming and the chemical sales industry. Dura Products Inc goes beyond excellent design to incorporate innovative, versatile and durable product designs with the end consumer always in mind. They are incorporating end-user, real-world requirements into our design process with premium performance. Dura Products, Inc places a high priority on products that address today’s environmental concerns. This includes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Requirement under 165.45 that all portable re-fillable containers have either a one-way check valve and/or tamper-evident seals on all openings.


To that end, in 2011, Dura Products Inc, incorporated durability, versatility, and innovation into digital agricultural chemical meters. Dura Products invested in innovative design and technology to produce the Dura-Meter ™. It contains a three-port flow meter that can be plumbed for re-circulation of fluid by utilizing all three ports. It also maintains compliance with EPA (165.45). From a moisture-sealed construction and a robust poly-housing that allows for multiple mounting capabilities to a large LCD display and a Calibration Quick List, Dura-Meter™ provides a better way to experience agricultural meters.


Recognizing a need for more efficient pumping options, Dura Products Inc also introduced its premium high-flow Dura-Pump™ in 2012. This self-priming diaphragm pump with an internal bypass and 30-minute duty cycle has an impressive 15 gallons per minute flow rate. The Dura-Pump™ is easily serviceable and a key component of Dura’s many AG Chemical Transfer Pumping Systems and DEF Dispensing Systems with flexible mounting options.

Dura-Load Station

Seeing a demand for better efficiency for sprayer chemical loading in the field for farmers abound, the Dura-Load Station™ was introduced in 2014. The Dura-Load Station™ integrates a pump, meter, as well as electric valve control center – components the farmer already uses for their spraying operation, into a compact and convenient system. This innovation reduces sprayer fill time by 75%. This makes it possible to save farmers at least 1 hour a day spraying an additional 100 acres. All his provides significant savings in money and time. At that rate, the Dura-Load Station™ pays for itself in one month. Utilizing the forklift channels incorporated into the design makes it easily mobile. Moreover, with a small footprint, at just 60“ x 40”, the load station fits on a tender trailer. Besides, it takes up very little space to store.

Today, throughout North America and Canada, farmers and agricultural and DEF retailers alike, trust Dura Products Inc to deliver innovation, quality design, as well as reliable performance. Whether it is the robust water sealing of our Dura-Meter™, our premium high-flow Dura-Pump™ or the time and money-saving Dura-Load Station™, we are confident that once you use a Dura Product you will never settle for second best.

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