Crustbuster Drills / Taladros de Crustbuster / Сеялки Crustbuster

Crustbuster Drills

All Plant No-Till Drills

All Plant No-Till Drills from CrustBuster / Speed King Inc. have the ability to drill many different varieties and sizes of seed into all types of planting conditions ranging from heavy residue no-tillage, minimum tillage, and conventional tillage fields. Model sizes range from single section ten feet width up to three sections fifty feet width. Moreover, you can fold down all of these drills to narrow road width for transport from field to field.

Equipped with Wobble Slot for seed placement

The ability to drill such a wide variety of seeds comes from CrustBuster’s exclusive Wobble Slot. It is a unique metal ductile seed cup metering system that achieves single seed placement. The Wobble Slot is bored and machine faced with a sintered metal rotor of bronze alloy construction (no plastic parts).

You can adjust the rotor by moving the shaft at one point on each drill box, with infinite spacing from 0 to 3/4″ for varying seed sizes, weights and rates. No feed gates to adjust, no special tools required. The smooth spiral action admits seeds into the chute for uniform planting. No rough cogs to damage fragile seeds. The end result is a precise single seed placement. The Wobble Slot allows controlled seeding of crops such as wheat, soybeans, sorghum, alfalfa as well as a full variety of cover crop seed mixtures.


Parallel Linkage Opener

The All Plant Drill’s Parallel Linkage Opener is engineered to create constant down pressure throughout its operating range. Consistent planting depth control is obtained with parallel linkage, along with easily, adjustable constant down pressure. So the body remains parallel to the ground throughout the opener’s travel to create a non-changing relationship between the blade and press wheel which is how you can achieve the consistent depth control. Offset blades penetrate the firm no-till soil and create the ultimate seed furrow. The leading notched blade with a 3/4″ offset gives maximum penetration and trash flow. It has five quick change down pressure adjustments from 125 lbs to 500 lbs per opener.


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