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Spray Nozzles by CP Products


CP products bring the same trusted technology that serves over 90% of aerial applicators, to the Ground Spray Nozzles. Resulting in multiple orifice/deflection nozzles that keep applicators working with minimum time spent changing tips.

Pre-Emerge Turbo Floater Nozzles and Combos

CP Turbo Floater nozzles offer superior drift mitigation for the Pre-Emerge processes. Large uniform droplets are created due to the turbo chamber design, which acts similarly to an air induction nozzle. In addition, each nozzle has an 8 orifice selector plate giving a range of flow rates and 3 stainless steel deflector tips for droplet spectrum control. Available in a Low Volume version with GPM ranges of .43 to 6.7 and a High Volume version with GPM ranges of .87 to 13.42, settings for all application needs are in one nozzle. 

CP Turbo Floater combos have the same great Turbo Floater nozzle combined with a Check Valve built into the body. The check valve addition uses a simple needle/seat design that provides instant shut-off. Therefore replacing the need for traditional solenoid or diaphragm type check valves, reducing bulk on the boom. Turbo Floater combos are available in the same low and high volumes as to the Turbo Floater nozzles.

Air Stop

CP Air Stop’s give applicators a faster positive shut-off compared to leaky, time consuming, bladder pinch valves. CP’s Air Stop turns on and shuts-off within seconds reducing the loss of product.  Air operates at 20-40psi higher than liquid pressure. Available in Air Stop Floater Nozzle Combo’s, which have the same design as the Turbo combo’s replacing the standard check valve section with a specially designed air cap and poppet. Also available in a stand-alone air stop check valve, with ¾” cam lock or pipe inlet connection. For those already using CP’s that would like to switch to air versions, an easy conversion kit is available.

With a variety of large droplet spectrum’s from medium to ultra coarse, CP’s give the right droplet at a wide range of pressures. Click on the links below to view settings and data for the turbo floaters.

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