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Technology for a Growing World With AgriGro

AgriGro, Inc.® is a leading manufacturer of biotechnology for plant nutrition designed to help growers produce higher yields from healthier crops and also soil. Moreover, verified by the most extensive, replicated third-party research in the industry, AgriGro’s® proprietary blend of essential macro and micronutrients, enzymes and amino acids improve soil conditions, speed emergence and enhance nutrient uptake. Over time, AgriGro® products recondition the structure, drainage, and tilth of soil, while increasing the amount of plant-available N, P, K, and micronutrients. AgriGro® has applied its expertise in plant biology to feed nutrition designed to strengthen livestock health and also improve raising environments. AgriGro® biotechnology now also serves the commercial turf and residential home garden industries.


AgriGro’s® biotechnology products for crop nutrition should help growers produce higher yields from healthier crops and soil. Verified by extensive, replicated third-party research, AgriGro’s® proprietary blend of essential macro and micronutrients, enzymes and amino acids improve soil conditions and also enhance nutrient uptake.

  • FoliarBlend
  • IgniteS2
  • Ultra
  • AgriCal


AgriGro’s® biotechnology products for livestock should improve the digestion of livestock for maximum nutrient uptake, minimize livestock stress by strengthening the natural defense system of the animals, accelerate the breakdown of organic waste and bio-solids, and also dissipate the pollutants and adverse effects of ammonia.

  • Nutri-zyme
  • Indigo


AgriGro® commercial products are designed to get the most out of your grass. The powerful formula in AgriGro’s turf products maximize nutrient uptake and release to boost grass growth and overall quality.

  • Turf Formula 
  • Super-Cal


AgriGro® provides products for both farmers with working acres of crops all the way down to home gardeners. So our residential products should help you produce more high-quality plants in your own home garden.

  • Bountiful Harvest – Nutritional Supplement 


AgriGro, Inc. has launched a new line of products for the wildlife industry. DeerGro by AgriGro will help grow more successful food plots through the use of PlotStart™ and also PlotBoost™. As a result, healthier, stronger plants pumped full of nutrients that are passed to your deer that feed on them.

  • DeerGro

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